A Look at Sylvia Plath's Life:

Sylvia Plath's life may have been short and her death untimely, but she spent a life rich in experience. Distinctions came her way in the form of awards, prizes and scholarships, and she received remarkable literary success. Through excellence, Sylvia Plath has engraved her name in history, influencing people through the medium of her literary achievements and the struggles that came to shape her life and define her works.


Sylvia Plath Timeline:
1932: Sylvia Plath was born during the Great Depression on October 27th, in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood, to Auerlia and Otto Plath).
1935: Brother Warren is born in April.
1936: Shifted to Winthrop, Massachusetts with family.
1940: Her first poem got published in the Boston Herald's children's section.Her father died the same year on November 5th.
1942: The family moved to 26 Elmwood Road, Wellesley, Massachusetts. (Moved over by mother following her father's death).
1947: Received “The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards” for her painting
1950: Graduated from Bradford Senior High School.
1950: Attended Smith College.
1953: Awarded coveted position as guest editor at Mademoiselle magazine.Attempted suicide with sleeping pills after returning from New York City.
1955: Submitted her thesis "The Magic Mirror" and graduated from Smith with highest honors.Also received Fulbright scholarship to study in Cambridge.
1956: Got married to Ted Hughes.
1957: Started teaching at Smith College.
1958: Shifted to Boston with Ted Hughes. Took creative writing seminars by Robert Lowell, where she met Anne Sexton and George Starbuck.
1960: Plath’s collection of poetry, “The Colossus” got published. The same year her daughter Frieda was born.
1961: She completed her novel “The Bell Jar”.
1962: Son Nicholas was born. Also Ted and Plath got separated. (Plath discovers affair between Ted and woman named Assia)
1963: “The Bell Jar” got published under the pen name Victoria Lucas; the same year Sylvia Plath committed suicide.She died on February 11th, due to gas inhilation.
1982: Became the first poet to receive the Pulitzer Prize posthumously for, "The Collected Poems."
2012: United States Postal Service releases a Sylvia Plath stamp.

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