Videos and Recording of/about Sylvia Plath:

Although there is no actual video footage of Sylvia Plath due to the period of time in which she lived (1930's-1960's), there are existing recordings of readings she had done, and many documentaries and commentaries, and the ever so rare interview with her. In 2003, a British biographical film about Sylvia Plath was released, titled Sylvia. The film tells the story of the romance between Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes and depicts the depression with which she struggled throughout much of her life. Sylvia Plath was played by Gwyneth Paltrow and Ted Hughes was played by Daniel Craig.

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Documentary made on Sylvia Plath in the 90's:

A rare interview with Sylvia from October 30th,1962 (With Peter Orr):

Sylvia and Ted:

Sylvia's depression and attempted suicide:

Sylvia Discovering of the affair between Ted and Assia:

Sylvia's Death:

The 2003 film depicting Sylvia Plath's life, Sylvia (Starring Gwyneth Paltrow):

Readings done by Sylvia Plath, in her own voice:

Sylvia reads her poem "Daddy":

Sylvia reads her poem "Lady Lazarus":

Sylvia reads her poem "Ariel":

Sylvia reads "November Graveyard":

Sylvia reads "Fever 103":